Conflict Materials

At Fine Metals we are committed to following high standards of ethical conduct. We work with our suppliers to positively influence our social, ethical and environmental performance. We promote business practices and policies that show respect for the value of all human beings.

We recognize our corporate and social responsibilities reside as much in our supply chain as in our own activities. We continually seek to ensure that the products and services we source are ethically produced.

Fine Metals Corp shares concerns about the use of natural resources to fund armed conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. None of the material we purchase originates in the conflict zone. We have modified our Banned and Restricted Substances Specification to ban metals derived from the Conflict Region, and we have worked with our Suppliers to ensure that no material originating in the Conflict region is purchased by Fine Metals.

Fine Metals Corporation maintains an Approved Vendor List (AVL) for all raw materials, including all metals. We strictly adhere to sourcing from our AVL. Any new supplier must go through a complete approval process.

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