Custom Products

This is a few of the custom products we have manufactured. We cannot list every available size and option for our products on our website. If you need something and cannot find it, contact us. We can offer sizes and quantities that are custom to your needs.



99.99% (Cu 101) Copper Tube

Outside Diameter: 32mm

Inside Diameter: 28mm

Length: 220mm
















99.95% Cobalt Forks

Thickness: 6mm

Length: 80mm

M4 Holes

















Evaporation Pellets

We manufacture evaporation pellets in standard and custom sizes. This picture includes 6mm x 12mm, 3mm x 3mm, 12mm x 6mm and 3mm x 6mm pellets that we manufacture.






Customer’s Material

This is a unique alloy created by one of our customers. We received it in “button” form (top left) and manufactured it down to a foil. This is a few pictures of us working with the material. We do this frequently to help develop processes and enable further research and development.





99.999% (5N) Nickel Sputtering Target Tube

Outside Diameter: 3.5″

Inside Diameter: 3.0″

Length: 10.25″

This Nickel tube is actually a sputtering target. We started with a 5N Nickel ingot and processed it to the finished Nickel Tube Sputtering Target you see below. Another great example of our customer’s relying on us for their custom products.

















HyMu 80

Outside Diameter: 2″

Recessed Groove: 0.08″ Wide x 0.065″ deep

Thickness: 0.125″



Nickel 200 Rods

Diameter: 25.4mm

Length: 80mm

19mm deep drilled & tapped hole in both ends


99.999% (5N) Aluminum X-Ray Filter

The total surface area of the 5N Aluminum is 100mm x 100mm

The thickness of the Aluminum ranges from 0.002″ to 2″

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