The Beginning


Our founder Colby Goodloe, Sr.’s experience with the high purity metals industry can be traced back to the 1950’s in Maryland. This is when his work in highly specialized metallurgical research began. The research would be mainly for the military, government labs, aerospace firms and various R&D companies. These customers were looking for a reliable source of high purity metals and alloys, where quantity was not the primary consideration.

In 1971 the decision was made to move to Virginia. Colby and his son’s Tom and Ray Goodloe would make the move with their father to establish the business in Ashland, Va. We became a popular choice for our customers due to our knowledge and skills in manufacturing high purity metals and alloys. No minimum orders, custom manufacturing, working with customers material and fast lead times allowed us to carve out a niche in the industry.

Becoming Fine Metals Corporation


In 1989 they decided to incorporate, our name was officially changed to Fine Metals Corporation. We experienced growth in sales that required Tom and Ray to bring in their brother Toby to help expand. This included, hiring and training metal technicians, machinists and administrative team members while expanding our facilities and capabilities. We remained focused on our metallurgical research customers and began manufacturing some products we helped develop on a medium to large scale. These products were utilized in the vapor deposition, filtration, medical, aerospace, military, disk drive and nuclear industries.



We continue to assist with research and development for products utilized by government and university labs, aerospace and defense, medical technology, environmental research and development, nuclear and semiconductor applications. We still honor what helped us grow and succeed, no minimum orders, custom manufacturing and we still work with our customer’s materials. Our products include standard and non-standard sizes, shapes and forms of strip, sheet, foil, rod, extruded wires, targets, starter sources, ingots, and pellets of high purity elements and alloys. We have found that supplying labs, universities and R&D departments with small quantities allows us the opportunity to help with research and development, advance process controls, be flexible with the demands of the market and helps us in our mission of continuous improvement.

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