Aluminum Foil

One of the most used elements, Aluminum is an essential metal that is used in an abundance of industries, such as automotive, aerospace, construction, home appliances, and electronics. View more…

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Cadmium Foil

Cadmium is a white-silvery metal that is relatively rare and can also be poisonous. Cadmium is often used in the electrical, HVAC, and welding industries. View more details on Safety Data…

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Cobalt Foil

Cobalt is a blue-silver metal that is often used to make magnets. Cobalt is also used in mobile devices, batteries, the medical industry, and many other kinds of electronics. View…

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Copper Foil

Copper is most commonly known for its color and its ability to conduct electricity, but it is also used in vast amount of industries, including the construction, power, and transportation…

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Indium Foil

Indium is a softer metal that is shiny and silvery and is commonly found in the automotive, electrical, and aerospace industries. Here at Fine Metals, we offer Indium in purities ranging…

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Iron Foil

Iron is a silvery metal that is a leading use in the steel industry, as well as the automotive and aerospace industries. At Fine Metals, we offer iron up to…

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Magnesium Foil

Magnesium is a silver wire that is similar to aluminum and is used in many industries such as the medical, agricultural, and aerospace industries. At Fine Metals, we have magnesium…

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Molybdenum Foil

Molybdenum is a grayish metal that is commonly found in industries like medical, automotive, and aerospace. At Fine Metals, molybdenum is available in 99.95% purity. View more on molybdenum’s Safety Data…

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Nickel Foil

Nickel is a silvery metal that is found in a wide range of industries, such as the aerospace, paper and pulp making, and chemical processing industries. View more on nickel's…

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Niobium Foil

Niobium is a silvery metal that commonly used in the medical, aerospace, and optics industries. At Fine Metals, niobium is available in  99.95% purity (excluding Tantalum). View more details on niobium’s Safety…

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Silver Foil

Silver is commonly used in the electric, photography, and medical industries as well. At Fine Metals, we have silver available in purities ranging from 99.9% to 99.999%. View more details on silver’s Safety…

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Tantalum Foil

Tantalum is a silvery metal that is commonly used in the aerospace, nuclear, and automotive industries. At Fine Metals, we offer tantalum in 99.95% purity. View more details on tantalum’s Safety Data…

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